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Non-polarised clip on sunglasses

Eyewear Accessories has a strong reputation as a supplier of quality non-polarised clip on sunglasses. 

Optical quality lenses

Our non-polarised clip ons have optical quality lenses. The lenses are made from polycarbonate which combines lightness with robustness and blocks 100% UV radiation.

Durable product with quality parts

Our sunglasses all have a facility to flip up the lenses when required. The clip on flip up mechanism is made of durable metal components so overall this is a product that will serve you well..

Our non-polarised clip on sunglasses are in two categories:

  • Non-polarised with dark grey or brown flip up lenses
  • Mirrored, non-polarised with dark brown lenses

The latter category have a flash mirror coating to further enhance glare reduction.

mirrored non-polarised clip on sunglasses

The user experience of wearing non-polarised lenses

The user experience of wearing grey lenses is that it darkens your view with a neutral effect on your perception of colours. This makes them the best choice if you are a photographer or have another pursuit where it is important for colour perception not to be affected.

Wearing brown lenses will enhance your perception of contrast, making them the preferred choice for pilots and car drivers. The brown lenses filter out the visible spectrum of blue light, making colours like red and green more vivid.

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