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The resurgence of non-polarised clip on sunglasses

non-polarised clip on sunglasses non-polarised flip up sunglasses using a mobile phone or tablet while wearing polarised clip on sunglasses why are non-polarised sunglasses better for pilots

Until a few years ago, it was a clear cut decision for most people to opt for polarised rather than non-polarised lenses in their sunglasses.

This is because polarised ones significantly reduce glare from the sun, particularly when it is reflected or coming from a low angle. Non-polarised lenses in comparison simply darken your view, reducing the brightness of the sun but not combating reflected glare.

Our non-polarised range of clip on sunglasses has been steadily building up a following and a glowing reputation from pilots and mariners because they give them a clear, unaffected view of LCD instrument displays and navigation panels.

In comparison, looking at an LCD display whilst wearing polarised lenses can make the display appear to be patterned or completely blank, depending on how closely the axis of polarisation on the sunglasses and the LCD display are aligned.

With the rise and rise in use of mobile phones, tablets, and satellite navigation systems with polarised LCD screens, non-polarised clip on sunglasses are gaining significantly in popularity across our customer base for the same reason - you can wear the sunglasses and still get a clear view of your phone, sat nav without having to constantly flip up the lenses.

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