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Guide to buying clip on sunglasses — stop glare when driving

Drive more safely in Autumn by wearing polarised flip up sunglasses

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We tend to think of clip on sunglasses as an eyewear accessory for the summer - the days when the sunlight is so bright that protection from glare is an essential requirement for drivers.

However, winter driving also presents safety hazards for drivers, related to challenging and variable light conditions. It is well worth having appropriately tinted clip on sunglasses in your glove compartment that are specifically designed to help you to drive more safely in these conditions.

Polarised lenses help to minimise low angle glare

One of the most serious safety hazards for the driver in Autumn through to...

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How polarised clip on sunglasses help to protect your eyes from glare

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Glare is experienced when an intensely bright source of light enters your eyes while contrasting with much lower levels of brightness from surrounding areas in your field of vision. In simplified terms, the bright spot throws out your eyes' brightness meter and the resulting glare causes you eye strain, discomfort, fatigue and temporary vision loss.

Most people are highly sensitive to glare, and experiencing it feels uncomfortable. It can also cause a serious safety hazard when you are driving, because you can experience a temporary "road blindness".

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Driving a long distance on the motorway into sun? Don't fall asleep because your eyes are getting tired

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The hazard of losing alertness on the motorway is greatest on a warm, sunny day, especially if you are driving towards the sun, because your eyes feel tired and strained from the effect of the glare. Wearing polarized sunglasses can significantly reduce eye strain, helping to keep you alert at the wheel.

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