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Guide to buying clip on sunglasses — solarclips

Are flip-up or spring-fit clip on sunglasses better?

best type of clip on sunglasses flip up sunglasses polarized clip on sunglasses Solarclips spring fit clip on sunglasses

To help you decide whether flip up sunglasses or spring-fit clip on sunglasses are a better choice for your requirements, here are the relative benefits of each type.


Spring-fit clip on sunglasses are more refined in appearance.

The fitting mechanism is neat and unobtrusive and when fitted to spectacles the overall appearance is not dissimilar to wearing prescription sunglasses. In comparison, flip-up sunglasses have a noticeable central bracket and hinge mechanism at the top of the frames.


For comfort, the spring-fit type of clip on sunglasses is generally regarded as preferable...

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Why people are turning away from expensive prescription sunglasses in favour of clip on lenses

alternatives to prescription sunglasses Eyewear Accessories polarized clip on sunglasses solarclips

Every day we have messages from customers all over the world who say they are delighted to have found our clip on sunglasses, because they have been so frustrated at having to pay for expensive tinted prescription glasses.

Because our spring-fit clip on sunglasses fit so neatly over most spectacle frames, they can be hard to distinguish from prescription sunglasses, making them a serious alternative.

The cost of replacing prescription spectacles is particularly an issue for the increasing number of people who have varifocal lenses, special coatings on their glasses, or...

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Clip on sunglasses with different tints to maximise your driving comfort all year round

best clip on sunglasses for driving clip on lenses for driving driving sunglasses polarized clip on sunglasses polarized yellow clip on sunglasses prescription driving sunglasses solarclips spring fit clip on sunglasses spring loaded clip on sunglasses

If you drive regularly, you will encounter a wide range of challenging light conditions that not only present a potential hazard because your view of the road ahead is compromised, but also result in driver fatigue and eye strain.

Just this week here in the South West, people who commute to work by car have faced misty conditions, particularly first thing in the morning, often on the same day as dazzling glare from the sun at low angle.

Even today's mainly cloudy conditions presents a challenge because visibility is flat and contrast is reduced, making it more difficult to judge...

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