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Guide to buying clip on sunglasses — flip up sunglasses

Why are flip up sunglasses so popular nowadays? We uncover the reasons why.

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Flip up sunglasses are increasingly popular, so what is driving this popularity? Here we uncover the reasons behind this trend. 

Comparatively low cost but great quality

An increasing number of people are turning their back on prescription sunglasses due to the cost. This is particularly true with the increase in usage of expensive varifocal lenses.

It is also the case that some flip up sunglasses have improved significantly in quality in recent years. While it is still possible to buy cheap Chinese imports for under £10.00, spend a bit more and get a quality product that will cut glare really well...

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Polarised flip up sunglasses help you drive more safely

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Autumn can be a challenging time for drivers because of the variable light conditions, and especially the glare from the low angle sun.

One moment the sun is out and then there's a shower and the light level drops considerably. Then the sun suddenly reappears and sunlight is reflected from the wet road surface. The glare is so intense that you experience temporary road blindness and can't see a thing - a serious safety hazard.

glare from low angle sun reflected off the road surface

Unfortunately these conditions are most difficult at times when many people are on...

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How buying clip on sunglasses saved me over £200

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I recently had to buy a new pair of glasses because my eye prescription has changed. I wear varifocals, so each time I replace my glasses, it costs me over £200, and that's if I buy a budget frame.

Having got the everyday specs sorted, I also needed a new pair of sunglasses, because my old prescription sunglasses were unwearable now that my eyes had changed.

When I looked into the cost of getting another set of frames with tinted and polarised lenses, it was clearly unaffordable.

So I looked through the Eyewear Accessories range of clip on sunglasses and found...

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Which clip on sunglasses are best for driving?

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Here Eyewear Accessories explain the factors you should consider in deciding which type of clip ons to buy for driving.

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Don't rely on your car's sun visors to block low angle glare

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It is a common driving hazard in wintertime. The sun comes out suddenly and the wet road surface ahead acts like a mirror, dazzling you with glare and causing temporary blindness.

Our instinctive reaction is to take one hand off the wheel to shield our eyes, or to pull down the car's sun visors.

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