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Guide to buying clip on sunglasses — Eyewear Accessories Ltd

Driving a long distance on the motorway into sun? Don't fall asleep because your eyes are getting tired

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The hazard of losing alertness on the motorway is greatest on a warm, sunny day, especially if you are driving towards the sun, because your eyes feel tired and strained from the effect of the glare. Wearing polarized sunglasses can significantly reduce eye strain, helping to keep you alert at the wheel.

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Welcome to our new mobile-friendly clip on sunglasses store

buy clip on sunglasses online Eyewear Accessories Ltd polarized clip on sunglasses

Now it's even easier to buy clip on sunglasses from our store!

Welcome to our new mobile-friendly store

We have redesigned our website completely to make it fully mobile and tablet friendly and have simplified the process of choosing the clip on sunglasses that best meet your requirements. The new store has a streamlined, user-friendly checkout, enabling you to complete your purchase in fewer steps, paying securely by card or PayPal.

Simplified process to select the size and shape you need

Selecting the right size and shape of clip on sunglasses is now even easier:

  • To choose...

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