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Guide to buying clip on sunglasses — clip on sunglasses for reading

Why clip-on sunglasses are the best option if you wear glasses

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Whether you need protection from the sun's glare during the summer, when travelling to a holiday destination, or to protect your eyes from low angle glare when driving during the winter months, there are many good reasons to opt for clip-on lenses rather than separate prescription sunglasses.

If, like me, you wear glasses, you will find that having a pair of clip on sunglasses remains the fastest, most economical, and versatile option to getting effective protection from the sun's glare. 

Here are some good reasons...

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Planning a winter sun holiday this year? Don't forget to take your Clip on sunglasses

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If you are escaping the UK to a winter sun destination this season, don't forget that the light levels and UV level will be much higher than you are used to.

It is important to protect your eyes from the glare that you will experience and we recommend that if you wear spectacles for distance or reading outdoors, then you take with you a pair well fitting polarized grey category 3 clip on sunglasses.

Category 3 lenses are available in all of the spring-fit and flip up type of...

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Can I get clip on sunglasses for reading glasses?

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Eyewear Accessories have a wide range of polarized clip on sunglasses to fit the shallower frames of many reading glasses.

Spring-loaded clip on sunglasses for reading glasses

One of the most popular models in our Solarclips spring-loaded range for reading glasses is the Slim Rectangle, illustrated below.

This model is available with a choice of polarized lens filters that are optimised for use in different strengths of sunlight, including grey category 3 - excellent for cutting the glare from the page of a book on bright sunny days, and copper category 2 for reading...

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