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Guide to buying clip on sunglasses — clip on lenses for driving

Wearing polarized copper lenses in winter sunshine

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I took these photos today when walking on Dartmoor to illustrate how wearing our polarized copper clip on sunglasses can help to enhance your perception of contrast and definition in conditions of winter sunshine.

View without clip-on lenses is hazy

Here you see the view without wearing the clip-on lenses, taken at about 2:30 pm on a bright, sunny day in December when the long shadows cast by the sun make for a hazy view:

winter view of Dartmoor without clip on lenses

Enhanced contrast and definition when viewed through polarized copper lenses


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Can I wear polarized clip on sunglasses over light-reactive spectacle lenses?

clip on lenses for driving clip on sunglasses over transitions lenses wearing clip-ons over light reactive lenses

Yes, many of our customers wear our polarized clip on sunglasses successfully over photochromic, light-reactive lenses such as “Transitions®”.

There can be good reasons to have polarized clip ons to supplement the use of your light-reactive lenses. For example, light-reactive lenses do not normally work when you are in the car because the wind shield blocks the majority of the UV light which causes the lenses to activate. Therefore, by wearing polarized clip-ons over your lenses, you can get the superior glare protection you need when driving.

Polarized clip on sunglasses over photochromatic lenses


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A simple way to solve the safety hazard caused by windscreen reflection on dashboards

clip on lenses for driving dashboard reflection in windscreen windscreen reflection problem

Eyewear Accessories is delighted to report the positive feedback from recent customers who have bought our Polarized clip on sunglasses for driving specifically to help reduce a well known safety hazard presented by windscreen reflections from some dashboards on sunny days.

The problem is illustrated by this photograph sent in by one of our customers whose driving comfort and safety was being compromised by a serious problem of dashboard reflection.

Safety hazard caused by windscreen reflection from light coloured dashboards

“The polarized clip-on lenses eliminated 99% of the windscreen reflections”

The customer...

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In praise of the versatility of polarized flip up sunglasses

clip on lenses for driving flip up sunglasses polarized clip on fishing glasses

The concept of flip up sunglasses is so simple, yet it is the most flexible and versatile way for anyone who wears glasses to control the level of glare entering their eyes from the sun.


In full sun you can wear them down to provide total protection from oncoming sun. On those frustrating days when the light keeps changing from bright to cloudy, you can simply flip them up when the sun goes in. And if you want them to act as a sun visor to shield your eyes from high level...

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Yellow clip on lenses that help you see through the winter gloom

clip on lenses for driving light enhancing lenses for driving polarized clip on sunglasses polarized yellow clip on sunglasses spring fit clip on sunglasses winter driving lenses

If you have to drive any distance in gloomy autumnal and wintry conditions, particularly along motorways and dual carriageways, the poor visibility can become a strain and potentially a hazard, particularly if combined with spray from other vehicles. However, it is in just these conditions, that our clip on yellow polarized winter driving lenses really come into their own.

The yellow tint filters out blue light,  giving you sharper vision in misty, rainy or dull conditions, while the polarization virtually eliminates the glare from low angle sun or car headlights.

View across a valley in dull, misty conditions  

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