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Drive more safely in Autumn by wearing polarised flip up sunglasses

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We tend to think of clip on sunglasses as an eyewear accessory for the summer - the days when the sunlight is so bright that protection from glare is an essential requirement for drivers.

However, winter driving also presents safety hazards for drivers, related to challenging and variable light conditions. It is well worth having appropriately tinted clip on sunglasses in your glove compartment that are specifically designed to help you to drive more safely in these conditions.

Polarised lenses help to minimise low angle glare

One of the most serious safety hazards for the driver in Autumn through to Spring is during unsettled weather where there are sunny intervals punctuated by showers. During the showers, the road surface becomes wet and then when the sun comes out, the driver is dazzled by the reflected glare off the road.

This is particularly a problem during the period October through to March when the sun is at a lower position in the sky.

Wearing polarised flip up sunglasses really helps in this weather. Flip down the lenses whenever you encounter road glare, and flip them back up through the dark sections of the road. You may find that a polarised copper lens is ideal in these conditions, as it is not as dark as the grey lenses, and more suited overall to Autumn and Winter light levels.

Driving into oncoming sun causes a safety hazard

A customer wrote to us recently saying how pleased he was with the flip up sunglasses he had bought from us, which were proving a valuable aid to safety while driving. He wrote:

"The copper polarized flip up sunglasses work a treat and have restored my confidence when driving. I purchased them following an incident on a dual carriageway when the sudden glare from the low sun left me suddenly unable to see the road ahead clearly".

Yellow tinted lenses enhance visibility on dull, misty days


For Autumn and Winter driving in low light, misty or foggy conditions, or when there is a lot of spray on the road, your vision can be improved by wearing our Yellow polarised lenses.

They filter out blue light which is the main component of haze, and the result is that you see a brighter, crisper view of the road ahead with better contrast and definition. You will also experience less glare from oncoming headlights.

Get your Autumn and Winter clip on driving lenses now and have a safer end to 2019.

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