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Don't rely on your car's sun visors to block low angle glare

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It is a common driving hazard in wintertime. The sun comes out suddenly and the wet road surface ahead acts like a mirror, dazzling you with glare and causing temporary blindness.

low angle sun causing temporary road blindness

Your instinctive reaction is probably to take one hand off the wheel to shield our eyes, or to pull down the car's sun visors. The trouble is, the car visors often seem to be not in quite the right position to block the glare, or they obscure your vision too much.

A safer and more flexible way to equip yourself for safe driving in winter conditions is to get a good pair of polarised flip up sunglasses (if you wear glasses to drive, that is).

flip up sunglasses

You can flip the lenses down to help you drive when the sun is dazzling you, and when the next cloud comes over, simply flip them up out of the way again to give clear, unshaded vision.

Flip up sunglasses are a real contribution to winter driving safety and comfort. It is important to get ones with optical quality lenses, not a cheap pair that appears to be a bargain on Ebay, because the quality of the polarisation determines how effectively the lenses block reflected glare.

For a wide range of optical quality flip up sunglasses that fit many different shapes and sizes of glasses, visit the online store of independent UK retailer Eyewear Accessories Ltd of Devon.

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