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Which are the best type of clip on sunglasses to fit onto plastic spectacle frames?

clip on sunglasses clip on sunglasses over plastic frames rimless clip on sunglasss Visionaries rimless

We recommend Visionaries Rimless clip on sunglasses for use with plastic spectacle frames. These clip-ons have a discreet appearance due to their rimless design which complements the design of plastic rimmed glasses. In use, these sophisticated clip on lenses look very similar to wearing prescription sunglasses.

The sunglasses attach with four small edge clips that have a capacity of 4-5 mm, so you need to check that the rims on your glasses do not exceed this. If they do you will need to choose the rimless flip up sunglasses that attach to spectacles with a clip either side of the nose bridge.

Visionaries Rimless have a spring-loaded bridge that makes it very easy to attach and detach them from your glasses. The tension on the spring, along with the edge clips, keeps the clip on sunglasses in place on your frames. These clip-ons have optical quality polarised grey lenses that filter 100% UV and are rated as UV400.

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