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Driving a long distance on the motorway into sun? Don't fall asleep because your eyes are getting tired

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If you are driving a long distance on the motorway to get to your summer holiday, you face the potential hazard of falling asleep at the wheel. You've probably had an early start and by mid-afternoon, the long day, the effect of lunch, maybe even a drink at lunchtime, you are probably starting to feel a bit drowsy.

The hazard of losing alertness on the motorway is greatest on a warm, sunny day, especially if you are driving towards the sun, because your eyes feel tired and strained from the effect of the glare.

Driving into oncoming sun causes a safety hazard

If you wear glasses to drive, your safety will be increased by wearing polarised clip on sunglasses. The polarising lenses deflect the glare that is bouncing back at you from the road surface and from other cars, significantly reducing eye strain, helping to keep you alert at the wheel. It could make all the difference to ensuring a safe holiday experience.

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