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What are the best type of clip on sunglasses to wear when flying light aircraft?

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If you are a light aircraft pilot, it is best to wear non polarised sunglasses when flying because they do not cause the patterning effect that polarized lenses do when you are looking at digital navigation displays.

Eyewear Accessories have a range of optical quality non polarised flip up sunglasses that are perfect for flying. In particular, we recommend that aviators choose our flip up sunglasses with brown non polarised lenses.

The lenses reduce the glare when flying in bright sunshine. They also filter out blue light, enhancing contrast and definition to give you the optimum visual acuity when flying through cloud and haze.

And of course, you can flip up the lenses whenever you don't require them.

We have 4 different shapes / sizes of brown flip up sunglasses to suit most types of prescription glasses.

View through rear of flip up sunglasses

Feedback from a recent customer

John Glover, a light aircraft pilot based in the UK recently purchased our non polarised brown flip up sunglasses, and sent us this feedback:

"I used the clip-ons for the first time today and they exceeded my expectations. They much improved my vision when flying and I could see my Garmin nav aids clearly with them on. I will be recommending them to my friends in the flying club."


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