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Wearing polarized copper lenses in winter sunshine

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I took these photos today when walking on Dartmoor to illustrate how wearing our polarized copper clip on sunglasses can help to enhance your perception of contrast and definition in conditions of winter sunshine.

View without clip-on lenses is hazy

Here you see the view without wearing the clip-on lenses, taken at about 2:30 pm on a bright, sunny day in December when the long shadows cast by the sun make for a hazy view:

winter view of Dartmoor without clip on lenses

Enhanced contrast and definition when viewed through polarized copper lenses

Now here is exactly the same view taken a few seconds later as seen with the polarized copper lenses. You will see that the lenses are helping to cut the haze, while increasing contrast and definition. The result is to give you protection from the low angle glare while helping you to see more detail.

enhanced contrast through polarized copper lens-large

Polarized copper lenses are an option on both our spring-fit and flip-up ranges of clip on sunglasses, and are recommended as a versatile all year round choice for leisure use, driving, and sports such as fishing, tennis and golf.

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