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Can I wear polarized clip on sunglasses over light-reactive spectacle lenses?

clip on lenses for driving clip on sunglasses over transitions lenses wearing clip-ons over light reactive lenses

Yes, many of our customers wear our polarized clip on sunglasses successfully over photochromic, light-reactive lenses such as “Transitions®”.

There can be good reasons to have polarized clip ons to supplement the use of your light-reactive lenses. For example, light-reactive lenses do not normally work when you are in the car because the wind shield blocks the majority of the UV light which causes the lenses to activate. Therefore, by wearing polarized clip-ons over your lenses, you can get the superior glare protection you need when driving.

Polarized clip on sunglasses over photochromatic lenses

Our advice is to go for the polarized copper tint for your clip on lenses. While the UV filter in our clip-ons will normally prevent your glasses from going darker, you may get some UV light shining on the back of the lenses of your glasses, causing some limited darkening. By selecting copper lenses, you can be sure that the combined tint when clipped over your light-reactive lenses will not be too dark.

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