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A simple way to solve the safety hazard caused by windscreen reflection on dashboards

clip on lenses for driving dashboard reflection in windscreen windscreen reflection problem

Eyewear Accessories is delighted to report the positive feedback from recent customers who have bought our Polarized clip on sunglasses for driving specifically to help reduce a well known safety hazard presented by windscreen reflections from some dashboards on sunny days.

The problem is illustrated by this photograph sent in by one of our customers whose driving comfort and safety was being compromised by a serious problem of dashboard reflection.

Safety hazard caused by windscreen reflection from light coloured dashboards

“The polarized clip-on lenses eliminated 99% of the windscreen reflections”

The customer decided to buy a pair of our polarized copper driving clip-ons to see whether they would help reduce the problem. He was delighted to report back to us that our polarized lenses eliminated 99% of the hazardous reflections. Another thumbs up for our clip-ons for making a positive contribution to driving safety!

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