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In praise of the versatility of polarized flip up sunglasses

clip on lenses for driving flip up sunglasses polarized clip on fishing glasses

The concept of flip up sunglasses is so simple, yet it is the most flexible and versatile way for anyone who wears glasses to control the level of glare entering their eyes from the sun.


In full sun you can wear them down to provide total protection from oncoming sun. On those frustrating days when the light keeps changing from bright to cloudy, you can simply flip them up when the sun goes in. And if you want them to act as a sun visor to shield your eyes from high level sun without darkening your view, you can have them in the horizontal position.


Whether you are driving, playing golf, fishing, gardening, carrying out outdoor maintenance on your home, or simply relaxing with a book in the sun, these are an inexpensive must have. I keep a pair in the glove box of the car so I don't get caught out by glare when driving, and another pair in my tool box for when I am working outdoors at home.

Wouldn't you rather spend £18.99 on a pair of flip up polarized lenses than spend up to £250 on a pair of prescription sunglasses, with half the versatility!

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