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Polarized clip on sunglasses can help you to drive more safely in Autumn and Winter

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One of the key safety hazards for drivers in Autumn and Winter is coping with challenging light conditions, and it is serious contributors to many accidents over this period.

Polarized lenses help to minimise low angle glare

As the sun moves to a lower position in the sky, the problem of low angle glare entering the windscreen can temporarily eliminate visibility, especially when the roads are wet or icy so that there is a lot of reflected glare.

Driving into oncoming sun causes a safety hazard

It is exactly in this situation that wearing quality polarized lenses such as those in our clip on sunglasses can help you see better and more comfortably. The polarized filter in the lenses acts like a venetian blind, deflecting the majority of the reflected glare away from your eyes.

A customer wrote to us recently saying how pleased he was with the flip up sunglasses he had bought from us, which were proving a valuable aid to safety while driving. He wrote: "The copper polarized flip up sunglasses work a treat and have restored my confidence when driving. I purchased them following an incident on a dual carriageway when the sudden glare from the low sun left me suddenly unable to see the road ahead clearly".

Copper and yellow tinted lenses can help to enhance contrast and distance perception

Wearing clip on lenses is not just a benefit in bright, sunny conditions. Eyewear Accessories has a range of tinted lenses specifically designed to optimise your vision in conditions of poorer visibility.

For improving your view of the road in flat, hazy conditions, choose the Copper polarized lenses, a good overall tint for a wide range of autumn and winter driving conditions. These lenses will help significantly to cut the glare from low angle sun, without making the shadows too dark for safety. The copper filter also improves your perception of contrast and definition.

For winter driving in low light, misty or foggy conditions, your vision can be improved by wearing our Yellow polarized lenses. They filter out blue light which is the main component of haze, and the result is that you see a brighter, crisper view of the road ahead, with less glare from oncoming headlights. Everything appears brighter when wearing these lenses, including stop lights and traffic lights, a further aid to safer winter driving.

View seen through our light enhancing yellow lenses

For more information, visit our page on Clip on sunglasses for driving.

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