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Yellow clip on lenses that help you see through the winter gloom

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If you have to drive any distance in gloomy autumnal and wintry conditions, particularly along motorways and dual carriageways, the poor visibility can become a strain and potentially a hazard, particularly if combined with spray from other vehicles. However, it is in just these conditions, that our clip on yellow polarized winter driving lenses really come into their own.

The yellow tint filters out blue light,  giving you sharper vision in misty, rainy or dull conditions, while the polarization virtually eliminates the glare from low angle sun or car headlights.

View across a valley in dull, misty conditions  

View across a valley in dull, misty conditions

The same view seen through our yellow light enhancing lenses

The same view seen through our light enhancing yellow lenses

The yellow tint is available across our range of spring-fit clip on sunglasses and our most popular sizes of flip up sunglasses.

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