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Wearing polarized flip up sunglasses can make the morning drive to work safer

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One of the common hazards experienced by drivers at this time of year is coping with sudden glare reflected off surface water on the road surface.

Temporary blindness from low angle glare is known to be a major contributory factor to many road accidents at this time of year and it is particularly a problem in the current spell of changeable weather, as these photographs taken yesterday indicate only too clearly.

Driving into oncoming sun causes a safety hazard

 Temporary blindness due to surface water reflecting glare prevents driver from seeing dangerous corner

Wearing polarized sunglasses acts like a venetian blind to cut the sun's glare

It is for situations like this that wearing polarized sunglasses comes into its own. The polarizing filter acts like a venetian blind to filter out a significant portion of the sun's glare as well as reflected glare from the road surface.

If you wear glasses the best solution is polarized flip up sunglasses

Or if you wear glasses, the most flexible as well as economic option is to buy a pair of polarized flip up sunglasses. The ability to flip up the lenses easily when you go from a sunny patch of road to a dark one is an invaluable safety feature that makes clip on sunglasses a far more usable option than wearing fixed tint prescription sunglasses. 

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