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Why clip-on sunglasses are the best option if you wear glasses

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Whether you need protection from the sun's glare during the summer, when travelling to a holiday destination, or to protect your eyes from low angle glare when driving during the winter months, there are many good reasons to opt for clip-on lenses rather than separate prescription sunglasses.

If, like me, you wear glasses, you will find that having a pair of clip on sunglasses remains the fastest, most economical, and versatile option to getting effective protection from the sun's glare. 

Here are some good reasons to get yourself some clip-ons

  • Speed - you don't have to wait for a separate pair of prescription sunglasses to be made; just place your order and you can have your clip on lenses the next day
  • Economy - our polarized clip on sunglasses cost a fraction of the amount of a pair of equivalent prescription sunglasses and provide full UV protection with the superior glare protection that Polarization brings. Try checking with one of the high street opticians how much it would cost to have a set of prescription sunglasses with varifocal Polarized lenses!
  • Convenience and portability - carry your clip-ons in a top pocket in their slimline protective case. You'll find them far lighter and less bulky to carry with you or take on holiday than a separate pair of spectacles.
  • Versatility - we have the widest range of clip-on sunglasses in Europe and we offer a choice of lens colours that are ideally suited to specific requirements whether it be driving, sailing, fishing, or reading in the sun. Get several pairs in specific tints for different situations for a fraction of the cost of a single pair of prescription sunglasses which may be too light or too dark for specific situations.
  • Suitable for most types of glasses - our clip-on frames are suitable for metal, plastic, or rimless frames and work just as well on single vision or varifocal lenses.
  • Wear them over transitional lenses when driving - a problem with most sunglasses that react to light is that they are useless when you are behind a car windscreen or motorcycle visor. The answer is to get a pair of copper polarized clip on sunglasses to put over your lenses while driving - brilliant for cutting out the sun's glare.
  • Wear them when reading outdoors in the sun - our grey polarized clip on lenses are excellent for cutting the reflected glare from the printed page, so you can enjoy reading your holiday novel in the sun without eye strain!
  • Suitable for all the family - we have clip-ons of a wide range of sizes and shapes so you can equip your whole family with the best in sun and UV protection - all the lenses and clip frames are made to the same high standards.

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