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Get a decent pair of polarized clip on sunglasses before you fly off to the sun

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If you live in the UK and are going abroad on holiday in search for guaranteed sunshine, you should take a good pair of sunglasses with you. You will need to protect your eyes from the unfamiliar glare of intense sunlight and the danger of very high UV levels.

British not used to the intense sunlight experienced in overseas resorts

While the prevailing cloudy skies in the UK tend to accustom our eyes to relatively low light levels and moderate UV levels for much of the year, we are often unprepared for sudden exposure to much higher levels experienced daily in popular overseas resorts.

You need to protect your eyes from damage by the high UV levels in Mediterranean countries in summer.

Clip-on sunglasses are a cost-effective option for wearers of prescription glasses

If you wear prescription glasses, your most cost-effective option is to get a decent pair of clip on sunglasses before you go. Even if you don't normally wear sunglasses in the UK, it is advisable to get a pair before you travel because you will certainly be unaccustomed to the contrasting light conditions that you will experience on getting to your overseas destination.

Don't rely on getting the clip-ons you need on the high street!

The choice of clip-ons available on the high street is normally very limited. In our store in comparison, you will find Europe's widest range of shapes, sizes, styles, and tints of clip on sunglasses. All our products are rated to UV400 so they provide 100% UV protection, whichever tint you choose.

Same day dispatch means most orders arrive the next morning

We offer same day dispatch by first class post, because we know you will want to receive your clip on sunglasses  in good time for your holiday. At under £20 for a pair of decent flip ups, this is a purchase that won't break the bank, and could make the difference between enjoying your time in the sun safely and having to spend most of your holiday indoors.

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