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Will clip on sunglasses fit over plastic spectacle frames?

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Plastic spectacle frames have been experiencing something of a comeback in the last few years.

If you have plastic frames, the rims tend to be thicker than many of the latest metal or rimless frames. As a result many of our customers are asking whether they can get clip on sunglasses to fit over them.

Flip up sunglasses over plastic frames

Generally, there is no problem fitting flip up sunglasses over thicker prescription frames, as the central clip mounting can easily accommodate varying sizes and shapes.

Spring-loaded clip on sunglasses over plastic frames

If you prefer the appearance of spring-fit clip on sunglasses, you will find that our range is suitable provided that your prescription frames do not exceed 4-5 mm at the point that the retaining clips attach to them. If required, you can slightly tweak out the four clips to improve the fit over your glasses. 

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