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Are spring loaded clip on sunglasses extendable?

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One of the questions that customers ask us quite often is whether the spring at the top of our spring-fit clip on sunglasses is designed to extend to accommodate wider frames.

This is actually a misconception. The purpose of the spring is to enable you to stretch the clip-ons when attaching them to your frames. Once clipped to your glasses, the spring contracts again to provide sufficient tension to hold the clip-ons securely onto your frames.


One size does not fit all!

So it is not the case that one size of spring-loaded clip on sunglasses fits all frame sizes.

That is why we have a range of sizes for each shape of spring-loaded clip-ons.

You simply use our size guides to determine which size is the correct one for your frames, by printing the relevant guide out at 100% and then putting your glasses down on the outlines.

The outlines show each size of clip-on as it would be when fitted to your glasses, with the spring contracted.

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