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Can I get clip on sunglasses for reading glasses?

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Eyewear Accessories have a wide range of polarized clip on sunglasses to fit the shallower frames of many reading glasses.

Spring-loaded clip on sunglasses for reading glasses

One of the most popular models in our Solarclips spring-loaded range for reading glasses is the Slim Rectangle, illustrated below.

This model is available with a choice of polarized lens filters that are optimised for use in different strengths of sunlight, including grey category 3 - excellent for cutting the glare from the page of a book on bright sunny days, and copper category 2 for reading in moderate and variable sun.


Flip-up sunglasses for reading glasses

If you prefer the flip-up type of clip-on sunglasses, a popular model for fitting to reading glasses is the Tru Rectangle Small illustrated below, which has lenses 50 x 27 mm in size. It is available with grey, brown, or copper polarized lenses.reading glasses.

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