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Why people are turning away from expensive prescription sunglasses in favour of clip on lenses

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Every day we have messages from customers all over the world who say they are delighted to have found our clip on sunglasses, because they have been so frustrated at having to pay for expensive tinted prescription glasses.

Because our spring-fit clip on sunglasses fit so neatly over most spectacle frames, they can be hard to distinguish from prescription sunglasses, making them a serious alternative.

The cost of replacing prescription spectacles is particularly an issue for the increasing number of people who have varifocal lenses, special coatings on their glasses, or high index lenses.

Each time your prescription changes, the cost of obtaining glasses plus a pair of prescription sunglasses can easily rise into hundreds of pounds. If your prescription changes regularly, the mounting expense is significant.

In contrast, our clip on sunglasses cost around a tenth of the prescription equivalent.

What's more, our products all have glare reducing polarized lenses, which would cost a significant premium if fitted to prescription sunglasses.

Our clip on lenses also gives customers much greater flexibility in daily use:

  • it is easily affordable to buy several pairs of clip on sunglasses, for example for your reading glasses and another for your distance glasses, or one pair for keeping at home and the other in the car for driving
  • Our clip-ons are supplied with a slim case which is much more compact to carry around than a second pair of glasses
  • Order your clip on sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories and receive them the next working day - much faster than waiting for prescription glasses
With a product this good, no wonder why we have satisfied customers in the UK and 27 other countries worldwide!

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