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Even wider range of Clip on Polarized Fishing glasses for the keen angler

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We have received very positive feedback from keen anglers about our polarized clip on fishing sunglasses and have recently focused on significantly increasing the range of polarized tints that we sell to optimise vision in different light conditions.

The latest addition to the range are the yellow polarized lenses, which combine light-enhancing properties that increase contrast in poor weather with the added benefit of polarization, helping you to see more clearly down to the bottom of shallow lakes and rivers.

Wide range of flip up polarized sunglasses

We also have a wide range of polarized flip up sunglasses for those who prefer the versatility of being able to flip up the clip-on lenses when the sun goes in. All our popular flip ups are available with polarized grey, brown, copper, or yellow lenses.

Family business based in Devon

Based in Devon, Eyewear Accessories is a family firm with an excellent reputation for helping customers to find the products they need for particular applications. Contact us on 01392 411363.

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