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What's the difference between Polaroid and Polarized?

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When looking for sunglasses, some people confuse the term polarized with the brand name "Polaroid".

Polaroid is a multi-national corporation, owned by global eyewear distributor Stylemark, that was co-founded in 1937 by Edwin Land, who invented the first inexpensive filters capable of polarizing light.

The first major application for this technology was in the manufacture of polarized sunglasses, where it was found to significantly reduce the sun's glare compared with standard lenses. Polarized sunglasses were soon being made by other leading eyewear brands such as Ray Ban.

Today, quality polarized clip on sunglasses such as the Visionaries and Solarclips brands sold in the Eyewear Accessories store are made with a polarizing filter encapsulated between two layers of tri-acetate, preventing the problems of de-lamination associated with lower quality polarized sunglasses.

Eyewear Accessories prides itself on having the widest range of polarized clip on sunglasses and flip up sunglasses available online, including polarized lenses of grey, brown, copper, and yellow tint, selected for their specific applications at different times of the year. We give advice in our lens tint guide on which colour to choose.

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