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Eyewear Accessories expands range of polarized flip up sunglasses

flip up sunglasses polarized clip on sunglasses

Eyewear Accessories now has an even wider range of flip up sunglasses.

All our most popular flip up models are now available with grey, brown, copper, or yellow polarized lenses.

So you can now choose the optimum lens tint and filter level that is best for different times of year and specific applications:

Grey polarized lenses are best for protection from the bright sunlight in the summer months. They are in filter category 3, providing around 20% light transmission. Their low visible transmittance, combined with 99% polarizer efficiency, provide maximum protection against the sun.

Brown polarized lenses are a good all rounder, providing an effective level of protection from glare on fairly sunny days but also they filter out blue light, increasing contrast on cloudy days. They are the best choice for fishing in the summer.

Copper polarized lenses are excellent for year round driving, for golf and tennis, and for fishing in less sunny conditions. They filter out glare in sunny weather but are not too dark on dull days, and the tint also improves contrast. 

Yellow polarized lenses are a yellowy-brown colour that filters out blue light. They are an excellent choice for driving, and for fishing in conditions of poorer visibility.

Of course, personal preference is also important, depending on how sensitive to light your eyes are. The brown lenses are probably the most fashionable and flattering, and they have stylish bronze clips.

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