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Polarized yellow clip on sunglasses ideal for winter driving

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We have now road tested polarized yellow clip on sunglasses with positive results for winter driving in a range of light conditions. We have had very contrasting weather this week, with one day being dull, misty and rainy and the next being variable bright sunshine and cloud.

Light-enhancing effect in dull and misty conditions

The first thing you notice when you put on these clip on sunglasses is that everything appears brighter and the colours more vivid as a result of the blue blocking effect of the yellow filter.

On the rainy day, visibility was poor with low cloud and mist obscuring distance vision. Wearing the clip on yellow lenses made it much brighter and significantly improved contrast and depth perception when driving.

Glare from car headlights is reduced

Another benefit was that glare from car headlights was greatly reduced. However, please note that these lenses are intended for daytime driving in poor visibility and should not be worn for night driving.

View across the valley in dull, misty conditions

The same view seen through our light enhancing yellow lenses

Polarizing filter stops glare from winter sun

The lenses also performed very well driving on the bright day.

When the sun came out, the polarizing filter stopped the glare, but during cloudy intervals, the lenses enhanced the flat light.

Our verdict is that these optical quality polarized yellow clip on lenses offer benefits for winter driving in certain conditions. Anyone who has to drive regularly or cycle to work during conditions of poor visibility or when occasional sunny periods create problems of glare would find them a definite asset.

Yellow polarizing lenses are available in our spring-fit clip on sunglasses and also as an option with our flip up sunglasses.

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