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Eyewear Accessories has the widest selection of clip on sunglasses available

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Eyewear Accessories is pleased to announce that we now have the widest range of polarized clip on sunglasses available either online or on the high street.

Shopping for clip-on lenses in the high street tends to be a frustrating experience with only a limited number of sizes and shapes available.

In contrast, in our online store you will find an unparalleled choice of both spring-fit and flip-up types of clip on lenses, with different shapes and sizes to fit over a huge range of prescription glasses from small chidren's frames and shallow spectacles for reading, to the deeper bi-focal lenses.


From 20 September, we are introducing an even wider product range, including 4 different lens filters for our spring-clip range, enabling customers to select the optimum filter for differing light conditions throughout the year. Look out for our innovative range of high performance lenses designed for winter driving.

This will take the Eyewear Accessories range to a total of nearly 90 different clip on lens products - double the selection of the next best stocked online store!

With prompt first class dispatch Monday to Friday, the majority of our customers in the UK will receive their clip on sunglasses the next day, and delivery within Europe only takes a few working days.

So whether you need clip ons for a holiday, for driving, fishing, or reading, a visit to our online store is the first place to look!

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