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Polarized clip on sunglasses help to stop glare from low angle sun

clip on lenses for driving polarized clip on sunglasses

Sun's glare is a major cause of traffic accidents

Published statistics from the Department for Transport have highlighted that glare from the sun is one of the major causes of traffic accidents. Their study, carried out in 2009 revealed that glare from the sun was a cause of 2,684 injury crashes in 2009, as many as headlamp dazzle and bad weather combined.

Low angle sun dazzles rush hour drivers

The problem is greatest in Autumn and Winter when the sun is at a low angle. Rush hour drivers have to contend with dazzle of the low sun, both in the morning and evening. This has led leading motoring organisations such as the AA to recommend that drivers keep a pair of good quality sunglasses in the car to help them drive more safely in these conditions.

Wearing polarized sunglasses significantly cuts glare

Wearing polarized sunglasses makes a significant difference, as these photographs illustrate.
Both photos were taken within a few minutes of each other, around an hour before sunset, looking into the setting sun.
The first photo demonstrates how low angle sun causes severe dazzle that completely blitzes your view, while the second photo shows how polarized copper driving lenses significantly cut down the dazzle, enabling a much comfortable and clearer view to be maintained.

Clip on sunglasses for driving

If you wear glasses, investing in prescription polarized lenses represents a significant cost, which is why clip on sunglasses are such an attractive option. For more information on choosing the best clip-on lenses for driving, visit our website.

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