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Guide to buying clip on sunglasses

Drive more safely in Autumn by wearing polarised flip up sunglasses

best clip on sunglasses for winter best flip up sunglasses for driving clip on driving lenses clip ons for winter driving polarised flip up sunglasses polarised yellow clip on sunglasses polarized yellow clip on sunglasses stop glare when driving

We tend to think of clip on sunglasses as an eyewear accessory for the summer - the days when the sunlight is so bright that protection from glare is an essential requirement for drivers.

However, winter driving also presents safety hazards for drivers, related to challenging and variable light conditions. It is well worth having appropriately tinted clip on sunglasses in your glove compartment that are specifically designed to help you to drive more safely in these conditions.

Polarised lenses help to minimise low angle glare

One of the most serious safety hazards for the driver in Autumn through to...

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John wearing polarised clip on sunglasses

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Why you should buy quality clip on sunglasses that are guaranteed to block harmful UV

best clip on sunglasses for blocking UV clip on sunglasses to block UV

With the very high UV levels currently being experienced, it is important that you buy clip on sunglasses that will give you the highest level of UV protection.

If you buy clip on sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories you are guaranteed that they have been manufactured to stringent quality levels.

This means that they are guaranteed to meet or exceed the highest internationally recognised levels for blocking harmful UV, thus giving your eyes the protection they need.

sunglasses that protect the optimum UV

Find out more about our clip on lens standards

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How polarised clip on sunglasses help to protect your eyes from glare

clip on sunglasses polarised clip on sunglasses stop glare when driving wraparound sunglasses to block glare

Glare is experienced when an intensely bright source of light enters your eyes while contrasting with much lower levels of brightness from surrounding areas in your field of vision. In simplified terms, the bright spot throws out your eyes' brightness meter and the resulting glare causes you eye strain, discomfort, fatigue and temporary vision loss.

Most people are highly sensitive to glare, and experiencing it feels uncomfortable. It can also cause a serious safety hazard when you are driving, because you can experience a temporary "road blindness".

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Which are the best type of clip on sunglasses to fit onto plastic spectacle frames?

clip on sunglasses clip on sunglasses over plastic frames rimless clip on sunglasss Visionaries rimless

We recommend Visionaries Rimless clip on sunglasses for use with plastic spectacle frames. These clip-ons have a discreet appearance due to their rimless design which complements the design of plastic rimmed glasses. In use, these sophisticated clip on lenses look very similar to wearing prescription sunglasses.

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