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Clip on sunglasses

If you are looking for quality, reliability and maximum protection from glare and UV, buy clip on sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories Ltd.

We have been supplying optical quality polarised clip on sunglasses and non-polarised flip up sunglasses since 2009 and have achieved a reputation for excellent quality of service.

Our latest innovative product is clip on lenses for night driving.

glare from oncoming headlights

These specially designed lenses reduce the harsh glare from oncoming headlights through a combination of anti-glare coatings and blue light blocking lenses. As a result, your driving at night will be safer and more comfortable.

How to buy

Visit our online store to buy your clip on sunglasses

    Buying advice

    When buying clip on sunglasses, you get what you pay for in terms of optical clarity, effectiveness of UV and glare protection, style, and build quality - see the advice in our Buyer's Guide.

    For this reason, Eyewear Accessories only sells market leading brands. Buying any of our products ensures that you get the optimum protection and vision.

    Read what our customers say about our products and service

    "I would recommend your company any time, the service is second to none. The next pair of sunglasses I require will be coming from you. Again many thanks for being so helpful."

    We also sell moisture chamber glasses that provide relief for dry eyes and protect your eyes from wind and pollen and Blephasteam goggles for MGD therapy